Welcome to the Trace Systems CS-3 Portal

Complex Commercial Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Solutions (CS3) was created with an overarching objective of providing a contract vehicle that is as flexible and agile as possible to meet and satisfy the widely differing requirements of the Federal Government organizations both now and for the next decade and beyond. COMSATCOM Complex Solutions comprise customized engineered solutions to meet customers' unique COMSATCOM needs. These solutions may include any combination of fixed satellite services and/or mobile satellite services, components, and/or service enabling authorizations (e.g., host nation approvals, landing rights, frequency clearances, etc.) and components and ancillary equipment such as terminals, teleports, terrestrial tail circuits, Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, and peripherals. The contract will provide COMSATCOM system engineering design, configuration, installation, implementation, training, and on-going maintenance and operational support services necessary to deliver complex COMSATCOM solutions globally.